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CD Player Modifications April 18, 2006

Posted by jasonragsdale in Final Project Ideas.
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When I began to think about how I might do the tech side of this project, there were many options. I could use PD, I could use a sound chip, I could take apart a digital answering machine… The route that I decided to go with is a common cd player. This is how I wired my cd player to work with the logochip.
Step 1: I went to walmart and bought a $10 cd player that I didn’t care if I fried it.


Step 2: I took the cd player apart to see how it works. I noticed that it uses push buttons to send a signal telling the cd player to ‘play’ ‘stop’ ‘vol up’ ‘vol down’ etc. I used a garden variety volt meter to learn what electronically the cd player is doing when I press a button. For most of the buttons, when no button is being pushed, +3 volts is flowing through the buttons. When you press a button, for less than a second, +3 volts goes to 0 volts.

DSC01812.JPG      DSC01814.JPG

 Step 3: I attached wires to the bottoms of the buttons so that I could plug the buttons into the breadboard.


 Step 4: To control the cd player with the logochip, you need to send a quick ground to the button. when the port on the logochip is set as an output, it is not sending any voltage, so if the cd player button is plugged into that port it doesn’t do anything, but as soon as you send a ground to that port, the button is activated.


Logochip Code April 13, 2006

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I should be much farther than I am on this code, but when I use my laptop with the usb/serial adapter to upload code, there are all sorts of errors. I spent way too much time trying to figure out why it wouldn't work. I fianlly gave up and am now using my brother's computer (which has a serial port) to do my programming.  

Project Idea January 24, 2006

Posted by jasonragsdale in Final Project Ideas.
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I haven’t really had any good ideas come into my head, so I came up with this:

I would like to design a device that could be worn on the person’s body as a wrist watch or head band or something like that. This device would assist musicians or vocalists stay in the same key as the music is written in. The device would be programmable so you could change the key to whatever the music is written in.
The way that this would work is that when a musician/vocalist is playing/singing in key, the device would remain dormant, but when the device detects a note is out of the programmed key, an electrical shock is transmitted into the user’s body. Obviously an electrical shock would encourage the musician to stay in key. The device would give shocks in incremental levels. The first mistake made by the musician would result in a level 1 shock, followed by level 2, then the device would double the shock strength to 4 then 8 then 16 and so on. If the user was a very poor musicain, the device would eventually kill them, and this would be a good way to “weed out” the really bad musicians/vocalists.